‘Feeding Hearts and Minds’

The peace, joy and love of Christ is at the heart of all that we do in our school. Through religious education, school policy and, primarily, our culture of prayerfulness, charity and joy, we seek to share the Gospel with our families, our parish, our community and the wider world.

Using the example of Jesus Christ, we cultivate the skills of heart and mind that allow us to develop our talents  and take a shared responsibility for ourselves, each other and the world He gave us. We profess our faith proudly   and recognise that we are called to a loving relationship with God through the sacraments, scripture and prayer.

Our school is animated by love and our shared faith and clear values drive our behaviour and our relationships; we are tolerant and respectful of the unique value of each person. Our individual needs and talents are recognised  and nurtured in a warm, inclusive environment where we are able to use our gifts for the glory of God   and in loving service of others.

We have excellent role models who empower us to believe in ourselves and provide us with an outstanding education and a wide range of opportunities – our aspirations for the future are high and we believe that through God’s grace we can grow, learn and realise our full potential.